Valuation Section

Purpose, Aim

The Valuation Section manages all property valuations in the island. The aim of the Valuation Section is to provide efficient, accurate and reliable valuations in accordance with the Valuations and Rating Act, RSA, CV5 and Stamp Act, RSA, S55. The Crown Lands Officer manages all Government leases on the island.


Name Position Email
Hodge, Leslie Jasen Chief Valuation Officer
Richards, Jeremy Crown Lands/Senior Valuations Officer
Niles, Euclid Valuations Officer


The Valuation Section conducts property/estate assessment for the purposes of:

  1. Payment of stamp duties on Transfers,
  2. Payment of Property Tax and
  3. Probate applications.

Schedule of Fees January 1, 2011

Description New Fees
Valuation Certificate (Probate) 40.00 per parcel
Valuation Letter 200.00

Manage Crown Properties/Leases

The Crown Lands Officer is responsible for the management of all Crown properties and Crown leases. To this end the Officer communicates with lessors on behalf of the Department and Government.